Viper 12
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Petardy / Crackers

Pyrotechnika petardy Viper 12

Extremely powerful sound and light effect. Price is for packing 2 pcs.Nec 60g !!! 160dB from 15m !!!
Petarda COBRA 7
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Petardy / Crackers

Pyrotechnika petardy COBRA 7

50 g slože. Extrémně silná titanová exploze. Cena za balení 2 ks. Kategorie 4. Prodejné na průkaz odpalovače ohňostrojů.
Dum Bum 30
In Stock
Firecrackers "Dum Bum"

Dum Bum 30

Nec: 30g flash powder. 142dB from 15m!
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